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William M. Poudrier: Founder and President
Bill began his proxy industry career in 1980, and launched his own firm in 2001.

Bill's professional experience has included advising the largest and best known American companies, including household names such as AT&T, IBM, Intel, Merck and Pfizer. Bill has witnessed and participated in the evolution of the shareholder activism movement, from a cottage industry of corporate gadflies, to a ubiquitous force that pervasively influences the functioning of capitalism.

Bill also has extensive experience with proxy contests, shareholder activism on corporate governance issues, and merger & acquisition projects. Bill's professional biography includes such epic assignments as representing Martin Marietta, during the successful "Pacman" defense against a hostile takeover attempt by Bendix, and Texaco, in a successful proxy contest win against Carl Icahn, which remains the largest classic proxy contest ever waged, involving more than 400,000 shareholders receiving nine separate fight letters, during a protracted proxy struggle.

Bill's prior professional experience also includes several years in the private practice of corporate and securities law, and several years in professional money management. Bill holds an M.S. in Investment Management from Pace University Lubin Graduate School of Business, where he graduated first in his class; a J. D. from Tulane University Law School; and an A. B. in Economics from Tulane University College of Arts & Sciences.

Bill Poudrier


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